How to find which language modules are you licensed to use?

I was recently asked a question “what’s the difference between Irish (IE) and British (GB) localizations of Dynamics NAV?“. The answer to this question wasn’t that interesting, as at least from functionality (objects) perspective, the releases are identical.

The difference between IE and GB localizations of Dynamics NAV

I wonder if there are any differences in costs associated with buying Dynamics NAV in Great Britain or in Ireland?

Anyway, this analysis led to more interesting question: how to find which language modules are you licensed to use? For example, if I have installed GB version of Dynamics NAV, can I still run Irish language (ENI)? Well, we can definitely import language packs, but will our license file allow to see these languages? So, for example, if I go to Tools > Language…, I can see two languages available:

Tools - Language

So, if I download the language pack from Microsoft and import it to Dynamics NAV, will I be able to use the new language? Or if, to rephrase a question, how to find which language modules are you licensed to use?

In order to save time (and not starting with language pack import), it is better to find out what languages are licensed and then if needed, you might want to buy a granule for additional language and only then import language pack.

I have written about virtual tables already (License Permissions), this time we will utilize them again. If we would go to Object Designer, create a new form, define table number 2000000045 (which stands for Windows Language, but entering the number manually is so much more geekier), click preview. This will give us a list of ALL languages, that Dynamics NAV client could use… even if you do not have the language pack installed or if you are not licensed to work in that language. Filter on “Globally Enabled”. This gives you the languages that are currently assigned to your license file.

Windows Language - Globally Enabled - Licensed Languages

Also, if you would filter on “STX File Exists”, you would get a list of languages packs that are installed/imported to your Dynamics NAV client.

Windows Language - STX File Exist

Yes, for the sake of this post, I downloaded English (Ireland) language pack and imported it. But because, “Globally Enabled” is set to FALSE (which means, that I am not licensed to use this language pack), I cannot select this language from Tools > Language.

Therefore, if you want to use a language pack, and you do not have a checkmark in “Globally Enabled” in Windows Language table, you will need to buy a separate granule.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave a comment!

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  1. Nitin Verma says:

    This is something new for me. I thought we could install any language that we want.

    I learned something new today. Day successful!

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