How to find the Build Number in Microsoft Dynamics NAV?

finsql.exe - file version

When logging support queries with Microsoft, you are almost always required to provide the build number of your Dynamics NAV version. And, I am sure, most of us have an idea on how to find the build number. At least, when I got this question in the past, without thiking too much, I would find my finsql.exe, go to properties and check “File version” property in Details tab. Easy? It is!

However, once somebody has shown me a great shortcut. I couldn’t believe, that I work with Dynamics NAV for a few years now and I didn’t know this trick. If you have Dynamics NAV client open, just click Help > About Microsoft Dynamics NAV (or Help > About Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision – if you are running older version) and double click where it says “Version (4.0 SP3)”, or “Version (5.00)” or… you get the drill. And, surprise, surprise, you will get the message with a build number in it!

help - about - build number

This little trick saves a few seconds every time!

Another tip (if you have tried this just now on your new shiny Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 classic client and haven’t noticed yourself) – in the latest releases build number is included in the “About” dialog… so, you do not need to double click any more. But the in-built message still works!

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