How to copy error message when you can’t take a screenshot?

I would like to share quick and easy tip which I use almost everyday (I saw on mibuso forum, back in 2007). If you get an error message and for some reason you can’t take a screenshot of it (let’s face it, if you will ask for someone’s help with this error message, you will need to show them what it said), just click CTRL+C (yes, the simple Copy function, which you use everywhere else anyway). Now, go back to your email client (or notepad, or wordpress – like me) and click CTRL+V.

So, instead of taking a screenshot that would look like this:

Error Message - You do not have permission to run

You will get, error message logged like this:

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic
You do not have permission to run the ‘Design, Codeunit, Basic’ System.

Contact your system administrator to have your permissions changed.


And the beauty of this tip – it works not only in Dynamics NAV, but almost anywhere else as well. That is, if you are running Windows! 🙂

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