How to activate Dynamics NAV license file?

I am making an assumption that if you are working for a partner, then you know this already (how to upload Dynamics NAV license file, that is). However, if you are working as an end-user, then there is a slim possibility, that you don’t (yet!). Also, you most likely have asked these questions already: how to activate dynamics nav license file? What do you mean upload? Can I use Import? What’s the Change button for?

So, firstly, you need to get a hold of FIN.FLF file. Your partner might give you “Customer Name blah blah something.FLF” file, therefore the first step you should do is to rename the file to FIN.FLF. Once, you have FIN.FLF ready, you will need to upload the file to your database (I am also making assumption here, that your Dynamics NAV is running on top of SQL server, because… whose isn’t?).

How to upload Dynamics NAV license file?

    • Open Dynamics NAV client and connect to your database.
    • Click Tools > License Information.

Tools - License Information

    • Click Upload.

License Information - Upload

    • Select your new license file.

License Information Upload - Open

    • Click OK.

License File - Uploaded

    • Result!

Used to upload your license file to the SQL Server that you wish to access. The license information will be used by all the client computers that connect to this server unless a database license file is being used.

Can I Import Dynamics NAV license file?

No, not really. Importing the file will only affect your Dynamics NAV client. That is, license file will be copied accross to your Dynamics NAV client’s folder. So, all other users, who are connecting to the server, will not use the new license file. On the other hand, you will not neither… because once connected to the SQL server, license will be picked up from server.

Used to import a new license file, which can then be used each time the application is opened (or until another license file is imported). Note, however, that as soon as a database is opened on a SQL Server, the license information on the server will be used and, therefore, the imported license file will not be used.

What’s the Change button for?

If you are working for a partner, then that the option you will be using almost always. Whenever you will need to temporarily (that’s the main point in Change button – TEMPORARILY!) load developers license file (on the TEST database, obviously), you will use “Change…” function. As a customer, you might want to use this option for testing the new license file. If for example, you bought additional 10 tables, use “Change…” function to test if new tables are accessible.

Used for a temporary change of license file, when a dealer visits you, for example, and has brought his or her own license file on a diskette (to be able to use C/AL permissions). This function ensures that the change is not saved the next time you start the program, and your old license file is used. You must be sure to use this if you want to work using the demonstration license file cronus.flf, otherwise you may overwrite your own license file.

I hope this helps. If you have any questions, just leave a comment. Thanks!

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2 Responses to How to activate Dynamics NAV license file?

  1. dipo says:

    thank you for the solutio, it really helps and its straight forward.

  2. João says:

    Hi there,

    I have an academic license and I can’t upload it. I always get the ‘the file format is invalid. the file is not a valid license file’.
    I already removed the cronus.flf from the directory and still nothing.
    Please, help.

    Thank you

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