How do you search for a field in Dynamics NAV Table Designer?

So, how do you search for a field in table designer? Apparently, it is a feature that everybody is waiting for… but there is a trick that could help you!

Let’s find out (I need to find “Line Amount” field in table “Purchase Line”). If you would go to Object Designer and click on table “Purchase Line”. Then click “Design”.

Table 39 Purchase Line - Design

In the table designer, click on a field name column.

Table 39 Purchase Line - In Design Mode

Then, on your keyboard press the SHIFT button and hold it. While holding the SHIFT button, click on arrow-down button once or twice. You will notice, that lines will get selected (that’s what we are after).

Click Arrow-Down Button Twice (While Holding SHIFT key)

Then (I hope you are still holding that SHIFT key button!), if you would click on the first letter of the field name, Navision will start searching for your field.

For my example, I am looking for “Line Amount”, so, if you would click on “L” a few times (while still holding down the SHIFT key), I will jump to “Line No” field – that’s not the one I need…

Found Line No Field

…so, Let’s click “L” again. And again, and again. “Line Discount Amount” – still not the one I need. Let’s click “L” again (still holding the SHIFT key). And here it is – “Line Amount” field.

Found Line Amount Field

I hope you will find this helpful. When I saw this for the first time, I could not believe I was using copy/paste table data to excel just to find a field…

If you have any questions, or suggestions, please leave a comment. Thank you!

Note: this does work with in variables and functions screens as well!

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5 Responses to How do you search for a field in Dynamics NAV Table Designer?

  1. Armonds says:

    Thanks, it’s good one.

    If I needed to find field in big table, I used to search it in zoom view and only then switched to design mode 🙂

  2. Jan says:

    Great, this is useful. Thanks!

  3. Nitin Verma says:

    This is so helpful. Thanks. !!

    Now I just need to remember it.

  4. Capone says:

    Great! Quick and easy.

    Not as quick though but another similar tip is to create a page/form on the system table field.
    Then you can search and filter on all fields. The advantage is that you can search and filter on fields in multiple tables at the same time.
    In classic NAV you don’t even need to save the form, just choose preview.

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