Error: You cannot print in a report where the property ProcessingOnly is set to Yes

I wanted to share a quick tip (or rather a possible solution for another Dynamics NAV erorr message). If you will ever receive error message saying:

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic
You cannot print in a report where the property ‘ProcessingOnly’ is set to ‘Yes’.


Remember, that there are two things to check:
1. ProcessingOnly property for the report is set to Yes. Should it be?
2. There is at least one report’s section added to the report. Should it be there?

Usually, this issue is induced by someone changing existing report from normal report to ProcessingOnly report (and forgetting to delete existing sections). So, if you want to replicate the issue, just find any of your ProcessingOnly reports and add a new section for it, compile report and run it. Result… error, that is!

Therefore, if report should print some details (if it is NOT ProcessingOnly report), go to report designer and click on blank DataItem,
Report Designer - Blank Data Item
click View > Properties (or Shift+F4 on your keyboard),
Report Designer - View - Properties
find ProcessingOnly property (by the way, here you can search for a property similarly as searching for a field in Table Designer, just click the first letter of the property you are looking for – “P”),
Report Designer - ProcessingOnly YES
and delete the “Yes” value (which will set ProcessingOnly to default value)
Report Designer - ProcessingOnly NO


On the other hand, if report needs to be ProcessingOnly (if developer has printed some data for testing purposes only, but now, no output is required), you will need to leave ProcessingOnly property set to “Yes” and to delete all sections – go to report designer, click View > Sections,
Report Designer - View - Sections
click on each Section (to select it) and click F4 (or Edit > Delete),
Report Designer - Delete Section
and click OK to confirm deletion.
Report Designer - Confirm Deletion
Once all sections have been deleted,
Report Designer - No more sections
click ESC to go back to report designer and save changes.

If you will run your Dynamics NAV report again, you will not get same error message anymore.

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    thank you , you have saved me

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