Error: Item Entry Relation Item Entry No. 0 does not exist

You must love Dynamics NAV error messages! Once in a while (yes, I am using this expression again!) you get error message in Dynamics NAV which does not make any sense and it does not seem to be related to what you were doing. For example, let’s take error message “Item Entry Relation Item Entry No. 0 does not exist“:

Item Entry Relation Item Entry No 0 does not exist

Could you guess what I (or your accountant) was doing in Dynamics NAV when the error message was displayed? Well, neither could I (at least, I could not untill a few days ago, when I decided to troubleshoot the issue further and to find out more about it).

But, before you trying anything smart (or not), I would suggest to check Item Tracking Lines (yes, regardless, of what document you are trying to post, Item Tracking Lines could be causing this error message!):

1. Move down the error message, in order to see on which line error message originates.
2. Go to that purchase line and click Line > Item Tracking Lines.
Line - Item Tracking Lines
3. Check if there are any values in “Undefined” column on the header (these would be caused by undefined “Qty. to Invoice (Base)” field values).
Item Tracking Lines - Undefined
4. Define “Qty. to Invoice (Base)” fields (this will transfer values from “Undefined” column to “Item Tracking” column on the header).
Item Tracking Lines - Defined
5. Click ESC to go back to document and try invoicing it.


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7 Responses to Error: Item Entry Relation Item Entry No. 0 does not exist

  1. hamid says:

    I followed this steps, however, when exit the form, data is initialized (data not saved), therefore, the error persist.

  2. Geovanny says:

    I can’t leave the field. I receive the following message.
    My screen is almost the same as yours.
    Note: Undefine “Qty. to Invoice” = 200.
    On the lines It has: Quantity (Base) = 300
    I entered: Qty. to Invoice (Base) = 200
    Message: You cannot invoice more than 0 units.

  3. Abraham says:


    While unapplying one entry, i’m getting an error “G/L Entry Application Buffer Entry No. ‘43071’ does not exist.”

    What does that mean. Please help. Thanks.

  4. ATM says:

    ahh this worked for me. thanks.

  5. Tomatoe says:

    This is awesome. Thank you very much.

  6. james says:

    I am having problem when trying to post this order keeping giving me same error above. My qty.(base)=1
    qty. to handle(base)=0
    qty to invoice(base)=0
    my undefined =11
    purchase line=12
    item tracking=1

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